About Me

My name is Jason Petermann, and I am a Christ follower.  I have the honor to serve at a great church in Wichita, Kansas as the Pastor Of Worship Arts.  I love what I do, not just because it is fun and exciting, but because I believe the highest calling that a Christ-follower has is to worship God… to Follow Hard after Him.  That means that my entire life is an offering of worship to my God.  Following Hard after Him is to love Him, to love others, and the serve both!  There are so many things in this world that can become a distraction that it can be difficult to follow after Christ. Second, there are just as many distractions in the church that can make it difficult to follow after God. We can get so caught up in rules and rituals that we forget that it is Christ we are following after, not any man and his ways. Christ told the Pharisees that by making their rules and ways as important as God’s Word, that they had made God’s Word ineffective. I pray every day that that will not be the story told at the end of my life, but instead, that I will have been able to impact lives so that they are able to take their next step towards Christ.


3 Responses

  1. who luvs ya baby? : }~

  2. Your banner is really awesome!

  3. Found your website and blog ring through face book…excellent blog…have a worship site at http://www.soakingwithapurpose.com if you want to check it out…we have lots and lots of free worship download music…ambient, instrumental and worship…you might like it…blessings Brenda

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