Worship Confessional: February 15, 2009

worship_confessionToday was a little different for us.  We had a jam packed service, so we did a little less music than normal.  I do not always like cutting music out for a service, but every now and then, it allows my musicians to have an “easy” Sunday, which I am sure they appreciate.  Though we did two less songs, the people were still very into their Worship through music today.  A sweet spirit overall, which is a great way to describe our church anyways!  So, let’s get to the run down of the service.  As we always do, in first service we sang two of the songs we did in second service.  Our first service is a little more mellow (Read: less volume), as it is filled with mostly older folks, and has a lot less attendance.  Here is the order of the second service:

Set #1:

  • Let Everything That Has BreathRedman
  • Baptism (This NEVER gets old!  I love seeing people get baptized!)
  • Baby Dedication – Had a BUNCH of babies to dedicate!  Great way to help grow a church!
  • Promo video for Young Marrieds Bible study – based on the Fireproof movie
  • Slow Fade music video (I was actually going to sing this, but the video that CC does with the song went so well with our series, we just showed it)
  • Message – Our Pastor did his second message in our “Love Affair” series.  Really nailed it as he talked about communicating with your spouse.
  • Response time/Offering – We did Here I Am To Worship (Hughes) as a backdrop to these

Set #2:

  • The StandHouston
  • Today Is The DayBrewster/Baloche

We had several couples come forward during the response time.  I think the economic times we are living in certainly are causing more strife in marriages (as if many couples needed anything else).  We still have many people out sick.  In fact, I woke up early Saturday morning with the flu.  I wondered if I was gonna make it through the service at one point!  But, God is good, and always seems to give us the strength we need at the right time!  Next week, we get to observe the Lord’s Supper!  I am looking forward to that.  My daughter’s wedding is also next weekend, so this will be a busy week! I pry everyone had a great day worshipping in their local church today!

This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com.


4 Responses

  1. Great set!

    Love sharing these with the blog network!

  2. Jason,
    Sorry to hear you’ve got the flu … two of my kids have had it. Kudos to making it through the service, man.

  3. Great Set! Congratulations on your daughters wedding next week!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. We did the Stand too yesterday. How did it go? You really did go light on the music this week. Must have made for an easy rehearsal.

    We’re doing the Lord’s supper this week too–can’t wait to see your list on Sunday–and throw in some pics from the wedding too!

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