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Worship Confessional: February 22, 2009


This weekend has been a complete blur… My oldest daughter got married on Saturday, which means we had all sorts of family and friends in town for the event, which also means we had a houseful of people almost non-stop.  It was quite a day.  Actually, it has been several days of craziness!  But, in the end, we survived, she is now married, and my wife is dropping off the last of our guests at the airport as I type this.  So why did I type all of that in my worship confessional?  1. Because I could, I am proud of my daughter and my new son-in-law (that sounds strange).  2. It leads me into the day we had at Glenville as we celebrated the Lord’s Supper.

We only had one service so that we could partake of Communion together.  I enjoyed that, as I was able to get an extra hour of sleep!  I needed that!  It was a sweet service.  Lord’s Supper is always one of my favorite Sundays!  Here is the order for the day:

Video – We played a video that we actually downloaded about the church being a great place to be.  We did not use their music though, our band played behind it.  This was our first time doing this, and it went quite well!

  • Everlasting GodBrown/Riley
  • How Great Is Our God = Tomlin/Reeves/Cash


Video – I Will Remember

Message – Our pastor spoke on the significance of the Lord’s Supper in a Christ followers life.

Receiving the Elements – I like how we do this at our church.  Before we receive the elements, we have a time to come to the altar and pray.  Then, we take our elements from three different stations at the altar and go back to our seats to wait for everyone else.  It does take some time, but it is time well spent!  Our pastor then spoke a few more words and led us in receiving the elements.  Then, we went into…

  • At The CrossZschech/Morgan
  • You Are My StrengthMorgan
  • A New HallelujahSmith/Smith/Baloche

It was a great service to end our quite hectic weekend!  Our God is so good!

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Today is the day…

…that I give my firstborn away.  I did not really understand what I was getting myself into almost 19 years ago when we had our first baby.  I also did not understand just how incredibly fast this 19 years would go.  I don’t know how many times I have heard people say, “Enjoy them while you can, because they grow up so fast and then they are gone.”  That is the things that old people say.  Not me!  jordanndaniel

She was the first one to ever call me daddy.  That was cool to hear for the first time.  She still calls me daddy, and it is just as cool to me today.  She is the first one that I get to walk down the isle.  Not sure if that is cool or not, we will find out here in a little bit.

She loves Jesus. She is marrying a man that loves Jesus.  That is the most important thing to me. I hope that make a lot of money, become famous and have lots of kids, but that would all mean nothing if they did not love Jesus.  I am praying that the love they have for each other and for Jesus will never fail.  That will be the secret to them having a strong marriage.

I will probably cry sometime during the day.  I am a softy and an emotional person.  I will probably feel like I have lost a daughter (I know, I am gaining a son).  But I am happy for them.  I will continue to pray for them.  This is their day, and I am proud of them!

Oh, and by the way,  enjoy them while you can, because they grow up so fast and then they are gone.

Am I More Concerned With God Or Others?

questionsI ran across this post today while blog surfing.  Perry Noble is Pastor of Newspring Church, and is doing a fantastic job!  I should say, and he would also say this, God has His hand on Perry and His church.  They are doing things for Jesus that are just incredible!  In his blog, Perry likes to posts lists.  This morning, he started a list titled “”Six Questions I Try To Keep In Front Of Me.”  The second one on the list caught my eye this morning…

Am I More Concerned About God Or Others? Scripture is very clear, “Do your best to present yourself to God…” When “the end” is here I will stand before God and will NOT answer as to… Whether or not I kept people happy. Whether or not I appeased the bloggers. Whether or not I preached sermons that people WANTED to hear. I will answer for whether or not I was faithful to WHO He called me to be and WHAT He called me to do! I have a quote hanging in my office by Craig Groeschel that says, “The quickest way to forget what God says about me is to become obsessed with what others say about me.” SO TRUE! When my head hits the pillow at night I’ve got to know that I have tried my best to honor HIM and HIS calling on my life…which IS NOT EASY in a world where everyone seems to have an opinion and a website! BUT…focusing on them doesn’t allow me to focus on Him! (BTW…it isn’t helping you either!!!) Paul said it best in Galatians 1:10…we have a choice…I have made mine and will not look back…there is way too much at stake!

Everyone that has ever been involved in ministry, whether full-time or as a volunteer knows that you will NEVER make everyone happy… it is impossible!  Jesus did not even do that!  What we have to guard from is holding people’s opinions about us higher than we do God’s design and desire for us… that is hard, especially when you are a people-pleaser by nature.  Honestly, that is something that I fight constantly!  Here is the deal though, until we are being who God created us to be, we will never reach our full potential, and we will not be satisfied.  Once we realize who God made us to be, and start living it, our focus will shift to that of pleasing Him, and not people.  We will be more concerned with reaching people than we are keeping people.  Trying to keep people is an act of desperation… reaching people keeps things alive and Christ-centered.

Just something to chew on today… thanks Perry!

Worship Confessional: February 15, 2009

worship_confessionToday was a little different for us.  We had a jam packed service, so we did a little less music than normal.  I do not always like cutting music out for a service, but every now and then, it allows my musicians to have an “easy” Sunday, which I am sure they appreciate.  Though we did two less songs, the people were still very into their Worship through music today.  A sweet spirit overall, which is a great way to describe our church anyways!  So, let’s get to the run down of the service.  As we always do, in first service we sang two of the songs we did in second service.  Our first service is a little more mellow (Read: less volume), as it is filled with mostly older folks, and has a lot less attendance.  Here is the order of the second service:

Set #1:

  • Let Everything That Has BreathRedman
  • Baptism (This NEVER gets old!  I love seeing people get baptized!)
  • Baby Dedication – Had a BUNCH of babies to dedicate!  Great way to help grow a church!
  • Promo video for Young Marrieds Bible study – based on the Fireproof movie
  • Slow Fade music video (I was actually going to sing this, but the video that CC does with the song went so well with our series, we just showed it)
  • Message – Our Pastor did his second message in our “Love Affair” series.  Really nailed it as he talked about communicating with your spouse.
  • Response time/Offering – We did Here I Am To Worship (Hughes) as a backdrop to these

Set #2:

  • The StandHouston
  • Today Is The DayBrewster/Baloche

We had several couples come forward during the response time.  I think the economic times we are living in certainly are causing more strife in marriages (as if many couples needed anything else).  We still have many people out sick.  In fact, I woke up early Saturday morning with the flu.  I wondered if I was gonna make it through the service at one point!  But, God is good, and always seems to give us the strength we need at the right time!  Next week, we get to observe the Lord’s Supper!  I am looking forward to that.  My daughter’s wedding is also next weekend, so this will be a busy week! I pry everyone had a great day worshipping in their local church today!

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Happy Valentine’s Day To My Valentine!

jenToday is Valentine’s Day.  I woke up with the flu, so that kind of sucks!  I am glad that my valentine and I went out to celebrate yesterday.  (You kind of have to re-arrange things when you have 5 kids!)

She is the most important person in this world to me.  She loves Jesus.  She loves our children.  She has stuck by me for nearly 20 years, even when it was not always fun.  I love her so much more now than I could have ever imagined that I would.  My life with her just gets better, and she is responsible for that.

Thank you Jennifer for loving me… even when I have the flu!

Worship Confessional: February 8, 2009


Another great day at G’ville!  I am just amazed at the way God is working in the lives of people at our church.  People have a genuine compassion and love for one another.  It is evident at the altars during service, it is evident in the way they respond to needs that are mentioned in times of personal crisis in individuals in our church.  I love this place, and have this feeling that God is about to make this place explode!  Musically, we had a good day.  The instrumentalists were on, the vocalists sounded great, and the tech teams were nearly perfect!  Our Pastor was sick today, but he still spoke, and did a fantastic job on the first of a two part series called “Love Affair.”  All of the elements came together to make for a service that honored God, and dealt with some pretty heavy issues about marriage.  So many people are hurting today in their relationship with their spouse.  And then, add the financial pressures that we are facing today, and that makes things even tougher.  Anyways, just a great day as God moved among our people here.  On to the set-list!

  • I Am FreeEgan
  • Awesome Is The LordTomlin/Reeves/Pierce/Able

Welcome/Time to greet

  • HosannaFraser (Another one of our ladies led this out – Awesome job!)
  • Came To My RescueDavies/Sampson/Thomas
  • MajestySmith/Garrard

Message – “The Love Affair”

Response time

Offering and dismissal

We have officially split our band in to two bands now and it seems to be a good thing.  We are able to get more people involved, and it allows us to let people play to their strengths.  We also had two new guys join the band this last week to fill a couple of gaps that we had.  I love it when God works that way.  They did not even know that we had those gaps (they are not church members).  So, I now have a lead electric and another percussionists that specializes in auxillary instruments.  Cannot wait to get them plugged in this week!

Hope everyone had great services as they gathered today!

This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com.