Worship Confessional: February 1, 2009


I am actually sad that the day is over!  I LOVE Sundays!  I love gathering with the church in worship… I love seeing lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is what this life is all about!

Today we finished a two week series called “YES/NO,” which dealt with the honesty and avoiding temptation.  Our pastor did a great job with the series, and even used the “F-bomb” today.  Ok, not the actual word, but the phrase “F-bomb.”  It was quite funny!  Anyways, we start a new series next year called “The Love Affair,” which should be quite interesting.

Today was a good day musically.  Our teams did a great job leading our people in worship. We did a couple new ones for our church, which were both very well received.  Here is our order for the day:

  • All BecauseFee (Our people are really liking this one!)
  • Awesome Is The LordTomlin/Reeves/Pierce/Able (This was a new one for us to do. Went pretty well)
  • Famous OneTomlin/Reeves

I gave a short welcome to people and prayed, then, one of our guys did Casting Crowns “Voice of Truth,” and he did a fantastic job!  We showed a short video clip that was a spoof on the PC Vs. Mac ads (Truth Vs. Deception).  Our pastor then gave his talk for the day about temptation.  He used the story of Joseph and Potiphers wife to illustrate how we need to say no to some things in life in order to experience all that God has for us.

  • MajestySmith/Garrard (Probably one of my favorites… love the lyrics of this one!)
  • Hosanna (Hillsongs) – Fraser ( I love this song.  Should have done it a long time ago.  One of our ladies led out on this and she did fantastic!)
  • Beautiful OneHughes

It is such an awesome feeling to be a part of a church full of people that love God, and that love to worship Him in freedom.  It is awesome to see people love Jesus, and desire to follow Him even when that means making tough changes in their lives.  That is what taking a next step towards Jesus is all about!

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Worship Confessional: January 25, 2009


We started a new series today called “Yes/No.”  Had a real start to it, as we talked about honesty today.  We had a rough rehearsal Thursday and this morning, but it all came together.  Seems God does that for us when we are just not so confident!

Anyways, here is our order:

We opened both services with :

  • SweeterHoughton/Houghton/Cruse-Ratcliff
  • I Am FreeEgan

After the first set, I took a few minutes to talk about the series we just came out of.  It was real good for our church, and we did not want people to just forget about it and move on.  It was about the church and everyone finding their place in it, so I reiterated our desire for people to be plugged in, and gave them some direction on how to get involved.

We then showed a little 5-minute video on keeping promises.  It was cute, and got the people laughing.

Then our Pastor gave his first talk in the new series.  He talked about honesty: “Let your yes be yes and your no be no!”  He did a great job!  We had a few moments for a response.

At this point in the first service, we dismissed.  In the second service, we went on to another set of music:

  • Came To My RescueDavies/Sampson/Thomas
  • HosannaBaloche/Brown
  • You Are GoodHoughton

The church has really enjoyed ending the service with a set!  I have had SO many positive comments.  It will be something we do quite often.  I like to change things up anyways!  Hope you all had blessed Sunday!

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Free Webinar With Andy Stanley


I love being able to learn from other leaders that are doing fantastic things for God!  Being in Wichita does make it a little difficult to get to see other leaders very often.  Fortunately, the internet has made things a little easier, and many leaders like Andy Stanley, Tony Morgan and Perry Noble are doing Webinars that can bring people from all over the world together to glean from these great leaders.  I just learned of Andy Stanley’s this morning.  It is called “Drive-In” and he has a few of them scheduled through March.  Click on the link above, and see if you can schedule some time to make one or all of them!

Worship Confessional: January 18, 2009


Today we wrapped up our series on the church called “The Big D.”  The focus of the series was to talk about how everyone fit into the body, and how has delegated to each and every one of us to be a part of the body and to perform our function in the body.  The responses that we have gotten have been very positive, and we have seen some movement in the church over the last several weeks of people coming and getting involved.  Attendance is up, and people are asking about where they fit in.  God really has used this series in our church!  It is so cool to see people get connected in ministry and strive to find where they fit in the body!  We shook up the order of service for our second service, and it seemed to generate a lot of positive responses as well.  Here is our order of service for first service:

9 AM Service

  • You, You Are GodBeach
  • A New Hallelujah – Smith/Smith/Baloche

Video for our discipleship class

Welcome from our discipleship Pastor

Special – If We Are The Body



Our 10:30 Service:

  • You, You Are GodBeach
  • All BecauseFee

Video for our discipleship class

Welcome from our discipleship Pastor

Special – If We Are The Body



  • The StandHouston
  • Marvelous LightHall
  • A New HallelujahSmith/Smith/Baloche


Our people really liked going into a worship set after the message.  It let us leave with high energy and an excitement that was just awesome!  The song we ended with was a perfect fit as an ending, as it is a call for the church to rise up and take Jesus to those around us… to live out the “Song” in our life.  Rehearsals were a little rough this week, but God was good and blessed it anyways, allowing it all to come together.  Love it when you know it is God!

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Worship Confessional: January 11, 2009


I know I am taking a risk at sounding like a broken record, but we had probably one of the best services we have had at Glenville since I arrived.  The energy was just overwhelming!  People were singing out their praises to God without any reservation at all!  Our Pastor nailed it (again) with his message!  Everything was just incredible!   Here was the flow:

  • Better Than LifeHoughton/Cruse-Ratcliffe
  • Sing, Sing, Sing – Tomlin/Reeves/Gilder/Carson/Nunn

Our youth pastor welcomed everyone to the services, and gave a brief announcement.  We then showed a video about our Discipleship program, and our Discipleship Pastor  gave a brief announcement about our Connection Lunch next week (a dinner for those interested in membership).  We then went into our next set:

  • Open The Eyes Of My HeartBaloche
  • All BecauseFee
  • Holy Is The LordTomlin/Giglio

This was our first time doing All Because, and our people absolutely latched on to it!  We actually struggled a bit at the beginning, but it all smoothed out at the chorus and was just great from then on. This was the second week of our series “The Big D” (Delegation).  Our Pastor just nailed it as he talked about everyone finding where they are at in their process of discipleship.  It was more of a message aimed at us individually as far as God’s delegation to us in our spiritual journey.  Next week, we will again focus on the church as a whole, and encourage people to get involved in ministry.

It is so awesome to see God working in the lives of people!

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Worship Confessional: January 4, 2009


January 4, 2009!  Happy New Year everyone!  I love the new year and new beginnings!  I am looking forward to what God has for our church this year.  These are exciting times for our church, and I am so glad that I get to start the new year here at Glenville to see God move and work among our people.  Ok, moving along!

Our day today was really good.  I had the opportunity to speak today, and sometimes it is hard for me to take everything in when my mind is so full of so many things.  The people did seem a little tired, but that could have just been me.  I was so wired that I did get but two hours of sleep last night!  Certainly not what I had planned, but hey, it happens sometimes!

We started out bother services with:

  • Your Grace Is EnoughMaher (I love the energy of this song!  Great opener to get people singing!)
  • Mighty To SaveFielding, Morgan (Powerful words!  Our people love this song!)

Our pastor welcomed everyone, and took a couple minutes to introduce our new series called, “The Big D.”  Basically it is a series about God delegating to us the responsibility of being the church to this world… the church as it should be… a people that are loving God, loving others and serving both.

We had a special by a few of our teens and the guy that leads them.  It was a song that he wrote called Consuming Fire.  They did a great job!

During the second service, we had another set here…

  • From The Inside OutHouston (This one is still a little new for us.
  • The StandHouston
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)Tomlin, Giglio, Excell, Rees

Our band then did Give Me Your Eyes (Brandon Heath). Our guys just tore this up!  Awesome job guys!  You sounded great and I had some great comments about the song.

One of my sons friends was here for the weekend.  He is a great lead electric player, and did all the solo work for the Hillsong stuff today, as well as played with the band on Give Me your Eyes.  Great job Timmy!  Thanks for playing with us!  In fact, everyone in my band did an awesome job today!  They are so great to work with!  I have a great team!

I spoke today.  As I mentioned, we started a new series today called, “The Big D.”  I spoke from 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 on how the body is fit together, and that everyone is in the body because God placed us there as he thought best (vs. 18).  I encouraged our people to find where God has gifted them, and the step up and start serving with their gift, that they were a piece of the puzzle here at our church, and that the picture could not be complete without them fitting in where God made them to fit.

I love the church.  I love seeing people fit in to the the church where God has gifted them and then seeing them soar as they serve Him!  Loving God, loving people, and serving both!  That is what it is all about!

How were your services today?  I hope God moved in your church and made Himself BIG!

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Worship Confessional: December 28, 2008


This week was not a week that I usually have long rehearsals or try new songs.  People are busy and I try to respect their time during the holidays by having as short a rehearsal as I can.  We typically have rehearsal on Thursday evening.  The band rehearses and then the praise teams joins tha band for the last hour or so.  Usually, rehearsals are about 2 1/2 hours total.  This week, we combined the praise team and band for about 45 minutes of rehearsal.  We also only had one service this Sunday.  Everything we did in church today we have done before.  Next week will pretty much be the same.  So, here is our setlist for this Sunday.  We did have a new keyboard player today… well, he was new for me, but he has played here at Glenville before.  He did a great job!

Here is the list:

  • Friend Of GodHoughton
  • Everlasting GodBrown

Baptism – I LOVE seeing people take this step of obediece!  Always cool!

  • Forever – Tomlin
  • Blessed Be Your NameRedman
  • You Are My KingFoote

Pastor’s message was a call to thank God for the blessings of the year, but he spent most of his time encouraging us to push forward and anticipate great things in the future.  The people seemed to be very attentive and were receptive during the response time.  It was a low-key day, but there was still lots of energy and excitement in the place.  I am looking forward to another laid-back week (although I am speaking next week, so I have to get ready).  I love all this extra time with the family!

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