Worship Confessional: February 8, 2009


Another great day at G’ville!  I am just amazed at the way God is working in the lives of people at our church.  People have a genuine compassion and love for one another.  It is evident at the altars during service, it is evident in the way they respond to needs that are mentioned in times of personal crisis in individuals in our church.  I love this place, and have this feeling that God is about to make this place explode!  Musically, we had a good day.  The instrumentalists were on, the vocalists sounded great, and the tech teams were nearly perfect!  Our Pastor was sick today, but he still spoke, and did a fantastic job on the first of a two part series called “Love Affair.”  All of the elements came together to make for a service that honored God, and dealt with some pretty heavy issues about marriage.  So many people are hurting today in their relationship with their spouse.  And then, add the financial pressures that we are facing today, and that makes things even tougher.  Anyways, just a great day as God moved among our people here.  On to the set-list!

  • I Am FreeEgan
  • Awesome Is The LordTomlin/Reeves/Pierce/Able

Welcome/Time to greet

  • HosannaFraser (Another one of our ladies led this out – Awesome job!)
  • Came To My RescueDavies/Sampson/Thomas
  • MajestySmith/Garrard

Message – “The Love Affair”

Response time

Offering and dismissal

We have officially split our band in to two bands now and it seems to be a good thing.  We are able to get more people involved, and it allows us to let people play to their strengths.  We also had two new guys join the band this last week to fill a couple of gaps that we had.  I love it when God works that way.  They did not even know that we had those gaps (they are not church members).  So, I now have a lead electric and another percussionists that specializes in auxillary instruments.  Cannot wait to get them plugged in this week!

Hope everyone had great services as they gathered today!

This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for being a part of “Sunday Setlists” and sharing – sounds like a great service! On the “two bands” – will they rotate weekly?

    Hope to see you over on the blog some more this week (well, EVERY week) and on TheWorshipCommunity.Com

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  2. Fred,
    Yes, they rotate on an every other week. One band plays on the odd weeks, the other on the even weeks. When there is a 5th Sunday, I will mix some things up. I have done the same with my praise team and am working on the same thing with all of the tech teams. The good thing is, it allows more people to be involved. The hard part is that you basically have to introduce each song twice as you have a different group the very next week.

  3. We did Awesome is the Lord this week also. Great set!

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